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Personal Training & Optimum Nutrition

Tailor made sessions incorporating a variety of aerobic, resistance, balance and flexibility exercises, pilates, ballet barre and yoga techniques, providing a safe and balanced exercise programme.


I can help you achieve your fitness goals


I'm Deborah, a qualified fitness instructor. I have been in the industry for 25 years, personally training clients and small groups of all ages and fitness levels.


My aim is to help my clients achieve their fitness goals and most importantly have fun while they are exercising... I think they'll vouch for that!!


I have a fully equipped fitness studio which I work from (fully insured). I take 1 to 1 sessions and small groups, either in my gym or in your home. I also run outdoor training sessions around the area. My clients are of all fitness levels and range from teenagers to older adults.


Personal Training

Tailor made to your individual needs and objectives. 1 hour, 45 minute or 30 minute classes available.


I'm aware that individual needs vary on a daily basis. I will always adapt so that you feel good after every session. Some days maybe a HIIT day whereas others a restore and relaxation vibe. 

Group Classes

Each class incorporates a variety of aerobic, resistance, core and flexibility, pilates and barre exercises using a mixture of free weights, bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, stability balls and boxing.


Maximum of 6 per group, enabling me to keep an eye on everyone!

Specialist 60+ Group Class

Specially geared to the more mature members. Keeping you agile, flexible, stable and strong always.

Zoom Classes as required

Book a Class

- Full body fusion workout, suitable for all levels.

Tuesday 9.30am - 10.30am

Thursday 9.30am - 10.30am

Friday 10am - 11am

- Specialist 60+, suitable for everybody & can be done unsupported, supported or seated.

Monday 11am - 12pm

Wednesday 11am - 12pm

Thursday 11.15am - 12.15pm

1 on 1 personal training - flexible to fit in with your schedule.




Deborah is a fabulous PT. She always makes working out fun and gives me the encouragement to keep going when I would normally have given up.
I love that the focus is on posture and form. We are all different shapes and sizes with various ailments and Deborah is always so careful about making sure we are doing the right exercises for our own bodies.


"I have been seeing Deborah for almost 7 years. Deborah has an amazing understanding of the body and what exercises will help you to get the 'look' you want- I have learnt to enjoy exercise and really love my Wednesday mornings. She is not just my trainer she has become a great friend!".

Elaine, Hampstead Garden Suburb

"I am nearing my fifties. Having trained with Deborah for three and a half years I can now confidently say that I am fitter than I was in my 20s, 30s and most of my 40s thanks to Deborah’s unique, positive, and dedicated approach to training. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, stamina and overall shape."


A friend recommended Deborah to me and I started coming to weekly group fitness sessions.  They were always fun whilst keeping everyone motivated and focused on the excercises.  I enjoyed her style of fitness - having never been attracted to going to the gym - so much that I now come twice a week.  

There is a relaxed atmosphere, but I leave there feeling fitter and more energised and ready to start the day.  She tailors every exercise to each individual, taking account of any injuries but also pushing those who are just feeling lazy!  I would recommend Deborah as a personal trainer; the enthusiasm she puts in to her classes is fantastic, each week is always different and I really feel I have made a lot of progress and now no longer fear a plank or a press up!."


I have been seeing Deborah for the last 12 months, both as part of a group and on an individual basis.

Deborah has helped me to set achievable health and fitness goals and supported me to achieve these.

Deborah understands my needs and goes the extra mile, including providing evidence to support her recommendations – something which is important to me.

She offers nutritional advice which makes sense and is realistic. I have also found that when I went a little off track, Deborah was honest and firm about how to get back to my previous level.

I would thoroughly recommend Deborah to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

You will see results and feel that someone is listening and understanding your issues."


After trying various types of exercise (from pilates to cardio and weights), I discovered Deborah. Each week she takes me through a range of exercises drawn from various disciplines such as weights (including kettle-bells), yoga and pilates as well as great cardio workouts (focusing on interval training) in her lovely gym or on the Heath extension. This ensures the sessions are always varied, enjoyable and challenging.  With good humour Deborah has pushed me to reach my potential but, as each session is bespoke, she is sensitive to my energy levels and needs which means I have continued to come even when I'm not feeling my best! I would recommend Deborah if you are looking to increase your fitness and strength in a fun and varied way. You will see results, feel better and even enjoy the process!".

Shona, Hampstead Garden Suburb​

I was introduced to Deborah by a mutual friend. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I've wasted thousand of pounds on gym membership before and that I just don't like exercise! I was turning 40 and having had 2 kids and being lazy, my body wasn't in the best shape! I also realised that I wanted to be able to keep up with my 2 kids who are very sporty. Deborah is a fantastic PT who makes the sessions as fun as exercise can possibly be! Her sessions are always varied and the hour goes by quickly. She's very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and is incredibly supportive and motivating. I would highly recommend Deborah - she's fantastic!"

Mandy, East Finchley

I've been working out with Deborah for about 3 years and she always manages to make each session interesting, fun and different.   She's great on nutrition, offering her knowledge if asked and always full of useful tips to make small improvements in diet and fitness.  Thanks to her I now walk up the 12 flights of stairs at work in the morning, as she's told me small bouts of increased heart rate are just as important as longer sessions!  I would definitely recommend her as a personal trainer! 

Zoe, Finchley

Deborah Paul is a dedicated and enthusiastic personal trainer. We do different things each week and she always takes note of how I feel. The exercises are tailored to each individual and I always feel much better for seeing her, more energetic and ready to face a busy day. She leaves me with a few exercises to do over the week and she is always charming and patient.

Jennifer, Hampstead Garden Suburb

I contacted Deborah following my pregnancy in the hope to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. With Deborah’s help, I have now exceeded my target. Her specialist program helped to achieve my body transformation and I am so delighted with the results. Deborah’s personal training sessions are fun, varied and enjoyable! Thank you Deborah.


I've been going to a small class with Deborah for about 3 years now. The format is flexible but an example would be that we start with some basic warm up exercises: stretches, squats, lunges etc. Then move on to a circuit of different exercises for a minute each. These activities vary each week and Deborah adds new exercises (tortures!) all the time so things never get boring. All the exercises can be modified from easy to hard e.g. using different sized weights. Deborah makes sure that each person is doing what is right for them taking into account any injuries, weaknesses and general energy levels on the day. If you feel like being challenged she will challenge you! 

After the exercises, depending on the weather, we go for a brisk half-hour walk with or without weights around the beautiful Hampstead Heath extension. We finish off back at Deborah's with a few stretches. What I like most about this class is that it has a friendly, uncompetitive vibe. Deborah is very skilled at getting the most out of people and still making it all fun, otherwise we wouldn't all keep coming back!


Ruth, in her late 60s came to me as she had high blood pressure and low mobility.

​From being overweight and unable to walk for more than 5 minutes, after few months of sessions and a tailored Nutrition Plan, she lost a stone and was able to easily walk the whole way around Golders Hill Park.  

"Deborah is first class - being instructed by her makes me feel good, much more mobile and it also lifts my spirit. I hope I will be able to come to my class for always as I would be lost without it.

Ruth, Finchley



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